3X Championship

17 August 2024

3X Boxing Showdown

Conceived by visionary entrepreneur 3X Group founder and Daily Sport owner Grant Miller together with Hassan Hussein and Tony Giles, 3X Boxing promises an unparalleled and dynamic viewing adventure.

Latest News

The Rhino is back!

3X Influencer Boxing Promotion Takes Over the O2 Indigo, Signs Gypsy Superstar Tony “The Rhino” Giles for “The Hardest Man in Britain Belt”...

Little Makes It Big

Heavyweight Sensation Tom Little Joins 3X Boxing Promotions, Set for Historic Stadium Bout in Ghana...

Street Jimmy “Justice” Justice

In the high-octane, punch-packed world of boxing, there’s a new show in town that’s turning heads...


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We would like to kindle hidden talents and have them profit from our experience

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