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Professional Boxing Association (PBA)Bund Deutscher Faustkämpfer (BDF)

3X BOXING via our founder, chairman & CEO Grant Miller are fully licensed by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) in the UK and Bund Deutscher Faustkämpfer (BDF) in Germany as promoters and managers.

Continental Boxing Federation (CBF)

3X Boxing are also affiliated to the Continental Boxing Federation (CBF) and will be working closely with the title sanctioning body to obtain our athletes and fighters title opportunities moving forward.




3X Telecom - PRS - SMS - Telephone ServicesLeading providers of non-geographical telephone numbers, ready-made Premium Rate Services, SMS Services & Payments Solutions to the UK & Irish markets since 2000.


Preston Holidays | Channel Islands Tour OperatorThe largest & longest established tour operator to the Channel Islands est.1960, that following the acquisition of the assets of PTGH in early 2014 merged with 3X Travel.


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